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Advantages of Spraying

Spray painting is no only about speed but the superb finish you get and is much better than with a brush or roller.  Spraying ceilings and walls you get a better thickness of paint and a uniform finish which you would not get from a roller, which is especially noticeable on ceilings which reflect the light coming through the windows.



You know how long it takes to brush and roller a panel door recently, let’s say 10 minutes each side?  With a Graco 495 airless spray gun supplied by Lion Industries.  It takes less than 10 seconds a side and you get a uniform and better finish.
So how is it done?

How can you bring a spray gun into a private house without making a mess?  What surprises most customers when they see it done is how easy it is.  Once we have done the masking in say a bedroom or living room the ceiling especially with coving and sculpted coving are done in no time at all and a with a beautiful finish.

Anyone can understand the huge time saving ability of spraying over rolling on a big job like a warehouse or anywhere else where you need to apply paint fast on large areas. We can easily spray 350m2 or more an hour on big jobs, where a roller wood be hard pushed to do more than 50m2 an hour.








Spray painting is not only about speed.  It's also about quality plus the finish and film thickness with spraying, it's much better than a brush or roller, which is especially noticeable on ceilings with brush marks and roller edges.

Speed and Accessibility

Using spray paint as a whole is a lot faster than using a roller and regular paint. A roller may cover more than a brush, but it still can not be compared to spray painting. Spray painting also gets into areas too small for both brushes and roller. You will get a more complete paint job without having to go back over the space you painted. When you have to paint awkward areas, like the corner of a plastic table, a roller will have a difficult time because of the shape of the roller. If you try to do it with a roller, you will more than likely end up leaving scratches behind in the paint. This is eliminated when you use plastic spray paint.
Even Coating







Typical Paints Sprayed

  • Acrylic
  • Gloss
  • Undercoats
  • Primers
  • Emulsions
  • Woodstains

Typical Applications

  • Inside residential properties (new & renovations)
  • Commercial  (offices, shops, banks)
  • Woodwork (doors, frames, skirting)